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& Meet With

Snippet Zoom Tutorial to Give Your Customers So They Will Understand How to Join the Meeting!

Zoom is an incredible tool, especially during the pandemic. However, it's not always an easy task to waste precious time going back and forth in YouTube trying multiple keywords until you find the right video. 

Zoom is an awesome tool to connect and communicate to generate leads, make
sales and at the present attend virtual classes!

Over 20 Step by Step on Screen HD Video courses in Mp4 format. 

Value ($69.95)

Start Your Own Online Coaching Business!
Online Coaching is a great business to start from the Comfort of Your Home! Online Consulting Coaches Has The Potential to Earn Approximately $100,000.00 Annually!
Many people invest hundreds and thousands of dollars just to learn this powerful and well needed business. They also spend an enormous amount of time attending 
Conventions and Workshops...  

Value ($69.95)

Online Viral Marketing Secrets!
Most people don't have a clue about what exactly is the meaning of 
Viral Marketing! Which is why most people crash and burn trying to do it.

The Secret - get involved into a niche "Network" of people that share the same interest as you...

Value ($69.95)

Start Your Podcast With Anchor!
 A fantastic resource to broadcast your message for FREE and get setup in approximately ONE hour!
One of the easiest ways to reach an audience is to create a podcast. Podcast can be downloaded and /or streamed on large media platform companies such as Apple, Spotify and Google! And the medium allows for consistency and rewards clarity.

Creating a podcast involves making audio streamable, downloadable, and accessible on a regular basis. For people and companies that understand the tech behind this, these are activities that can be part of a normal way of doing business.
However, for beginners just getting started, this task can be very challenging and become overwhelming without an interface that removes some of the technical steps

Value ($69.95)

Build Your Store With Shopify!
A collection of over 20 series of over-the-shoulder videos to learn Shopify

Value ($69.95)

Teach Your Concepts with Thinkific!
"Time To Start Leveraging Your  Expertise With Your Own Online Course "

Value ($69.95)

Increase Your Leads with YOUTUBE Live!
"You Can Now “Go Live” Using the Largest and Most Recognized Video Sharing Platform "

Value ($69.95)

The Ultimate Home Workout Plan!
Discover How To Quickly Build Muscle And Get Bulked Up Like The Hulk…
The Right Way...

Have A Great Life!!

Coach Paul Thacker 

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  • Start Your Podcast with Anchor ($69.95 Value)
  •  Build Your Store with Shopify ($69.95 Value)
  • Teach Your Concepts with Thinkific ($69.95 Value)
  • Increase Your Leads with YouTube Live ($69.95 Value)
  • The Ultimate Home Workout Plan ($69.95 Value)
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